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S&S CrossFit, or Schmidt and Stewart CrossFit, is the hopes and dreams of two sisters that were stay at home mothers. It was, and is their vision to help others reach a healthier lifestyle while reaching personal gains and goals they didn’t even know they wanted.New Braunfels CrossFit hasn’t been the same since.


“In the beginning, our goal was to just open our doors and give ourselves a place to call home. We wanted to walk in every day knowing that the gratitude of touching other peoples lives and helping them make a difference in their health, attitude on life, emotional well being and their self-esteem would be rewarding enough in itself.”
-Coach Amy


In hopes of having enough members to cover the cost like most gyms, S&S has been blessed with creating a close family with each an every member that has walked through the doors. Being sisters and wanting a family based box, they were given the opportunity to see their family grow, not only in numbers, but in strength. This strength is not only a physical strength but a more powerful strength that is hard to come by. S&S members have become a unity, a camaraderie and a support system for each other in all aspects of life.


“We are proud of what S&S CrossFit is made of. Each and every one of our members are unique and dear to us. Our dream has become more than what we could have ever hoped for or imagined. It is our life, not a job, but an aspiring journey. A journey that as sisters and a family we are able to travel together.”
– Coach Mimi


S&S welcomes you to be a part of this journey, this dream, this lifestyle we choose.


“As coaches, we promise to help you find how strong you really are, not only in strength, but emotionally as CrossFit has done for all of us here at S&S.”
-From all of the coaches at S&S New Braunfels CrossFit

Our Coaches

Meet the Team

Cody Casanova
Cody Casanova
CrossFit Level 1
Bachelors in Exercise Science
Chad Vaughn Weightlifting Cert
Avis Armstrong
Avis Armstrong
Crossfit Level 1
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